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Welcome to the English version of the Stehouwer Family Tree.

Updated: 10-02-2010


When I put the Ouwens family data on this website I received an email from Mrs. Leona DeBruijne from Grand Rapids in the United States (Michigan). 
My grandmothers maiden name was de Bruijne. In this direction I did not do much research, but I did know that an uncle called Mannus de Bruijne emigrated to the U.S.A. 

To make a long story short:  Donald DeBruijne, Leona's husband is a "third cousin" of mine. In the mean time I did meet Donald en Leona, when they visited Holland some time ago and on that occasion we visited several places in Zeeland and on the island of Goeree & Overflakkee (where I come from). 

In Donald's family tree there is also the name Stehouwer. On Leona's request I searched for (and found) a book titled  "Genalogie van het geslacht Stehouwer" . 
When I had seen the contents of the book I could not resist starting research on this family. 
Lately I got a lot of help of Mrs. Nell van der Wekken, at this moment living in the USA. 
Mr. Niek Ouwehand sent me a lot of information about the Ouwehand family which is also in this family tree.

Of course I could not resist putting the data I got up till now on the Internet. I hope more data will follow.

I wish you happy reading

Piet Ouwens